3.2 Citations

Figure 3.2.1 shows, for each Region, the percentage of publications that received at least one citation and their growth over the period 2004-2018. Regions of Kriti, Sterea Ellada, and Ipeiros were found to have the  highest percentage of cited publications, with a relatively stable progression over time. 


Figure 3.2.1



Figure 3.2.2 demostrates that there was a positive trend in the number of citations of publications for all Greek Regions, over the period 2004-2018. Regions of Attiki, Kentriki Makedonia and Kriti displayed the greatest number of citations for their publications. 


Figure 3.2.2



More specifically, according to the data displayed in Figure 3.2.3 (corresponding to the 5-year period 2014-2018), the highest number of citations and their share in the total citations, was observed for the following Regions: Attiki (59.2%; 296,844 citations), Kentriki Makedonia (28.2%; 116,395 citations), Kriti (15.7%; 78,674 citations).  


Figure 3.2.3