3.1 Publications

Figure 3.1.1. presents data on the number of publications per Region. In the period 2004-2018, Regions of Attiki, Kentriki Makedonia and Kriti were found to produce the majority of publications. 


Figure 3.1.1



Figure 3.1.2 presents the level of growth for publications output per Region from 2004 to 2018, focusing on year-on-year rate of change, that is indicated on the basis of 2004=100.


Figure 3.1.2



Figure 3.1.3 presents data related to the quantity of publication output by Region and its share in total output of Greece –over the period 2014-2018. Regions of Attiki, Kentriki Makedonia and Kriti have the highest share.


Figure 5.1.3